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Greenbull Properties, the real estate redevelopment branch of Greenbull Group.

Redeveloping luxury
properties in Dubai

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Dubai’s property market is booming and catching up with major cities worldwide. 

While the city's urban planning and neighbourhoods are impressive, the properties are aging, and lifestyles are evolving.

We're here to reshape and expand homes, blending modern architecture, cutting-edge technology, and breathing new life into every space.

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How it works

Your project, managed by one company, one contract, ensuring all aspects are in good hands—delivered on time, at a competitive price, and with exceptional quality. We go beyond delivering an exceptional living space; we ensure the entire process is a truly enjoyable experience. 

Redevelopment means maximising your property's value to meet market standards with a return-on-investment (ROI) approach. We do this though the redesign and architectural reconsideration of your property, planning for expansion with feasible extensions, as well as the construction, renovation and furnishing of your entire property.

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Why Us

Our team of engineers, designers, and project maestros live by the Greenbull Code:


We maximise your property’s value by adding space maximising extensions, trendy finishings and optimisation of the floor plan.

Operational Excellence

We've streamlined our processes to ensure impeccable execution, adhering to the highest quality standards, as well as the agreed-upon budget and timeline.

Client centric

We are obsessed with client satisfaction. We ensure you have the best experience during all phases of the project and beyond.

Economy of scale

Using our bulk purchasing capabilities, extensive budgeting experience, efficiency, and innovative solutions enables us to achieve cost optimisation, create stunning architecture, and enhance the overall value of your property.